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Since early 1990 PT. Angkasindo Dunia, as professional in water purifying and drinking machines, has developed Niagara Drinking Water Products and has performed the selling in wholesale, retail and even manufacturing.


To become the best provider of drinking water products in order to protect our customers from polluted and unhealthy drinking water. To deliver high quality products and services to meet customer demands. To support the campaign of conservation and green technology.


To provide the best quality drinking water through our systems and products Delivering high quality maintenance and service to ensure the performance of our products. To elevate our customer’s welfare with our products and services.            

We are the owner of patents in several drinking water machine lines supported by expert, Niagara warranties you :
– High quality products
– Affordable Price
– Reliable After Sales Services

The results of the Company products are: Drinking Fountains, Residential and Public Drinking Water Machines, Commercial Vending Machines with Reverse Osmosis System as well as Ultraviolet System, Industrial Standard Water System and many other drinking water lines of products.

Customer satisfaction is the key to our success; therefore, we are dedicated to provide our customer the best product, service, and maintenance to ensure that the demands of our customers are met. We also strive to continuously improve our products and services as we know we always can do better for our customers.

Our Service

Our sales and marketing department are always happy to help you get the best Niagara products for your drinking water requirements.
Had enough with your old products? Trade in your old drinking machines with new high quality Niagara Drinking Machines.
Does your drinking water cost keep on rising? Had problems with maintenance of your drinking water products? Try our new and latest services, we provide turnkey full coverage for your drinking water installation, operation, and maintenance.
For more than 17 years, Niagara after sales service is committed to bring top-notch quality maintenance and product services to our customers.