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New Alkaline Ionizers Feature : New Alkaline Ionizers 300W Power 7 platinum titanium plates 76 level of pH and ORP adjustment Large LCD screen with 7 colors 2 Premium filtration systems Powerful pH level (pH 3.0 11.0) Nine level water choice Automatic draining system SMPS Power control system SMPS Power supply method Adoption of an SMPS power application method to realized high efficiency and low power consumption Supply of stable power by controlling thepower supplied to each component at the CPU chip Maintaining of constant pH and ORP regardless of flow rates and flow speeds in a constant current and constant voltage control method CE certification (European safety standard) FCC certification (American safety standard) Specification : Model : Alkaline Ionizers Category : Residential System : Ionizers Voltage : AC 110V 220V / 50 60Hz Water supply type : Direct connection to tap water Dimension : 340x340x150 Weight : 6.5 Kg Available Water Pressur : 1.5 5.0 kgf/cm Available Temperature : 5 40 C Electroysis method : Continuous electrolysis Capacity : 1.1 3.5L/min Level : Alkaline water : 4 steps / Acidic water : 4 steps Cleaning : Automatic cleaning (for 30 seconds) Electrode : 7 plates platinum Titanium Filter life time : 1st filter : 4.000L / 2nd filter : 8.000L (filter life time indicator on LCD Panel) Note : – Pesanan di hari sabtu pukul 12.00 akan kami proses dihari kerja – Ongkir ( Ongkos Kirim ) yang ditentukan oleh Tokopedia sudah fix atau final – MOHON KESEDIAANNYA UNTUK MENANYAKAN KETERSEDIAAN STOCK BARANG SEBELUM BERBELANJA, TERIMA KASIH Quantity : 2 set

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40,0000 × 20,0000 × 40,0000 cm

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